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Name an episode (or episodes, as many as you like) from one of the following shows and I will tell you the following about it.

Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Jessica Jones, Supernatural, Torchwood

What I like about it.

What I don't like about it.

Favorite line.

Best performance.

A scene/idea from it that's particularly interesting to me.

Something I would have changed to make the episode better.
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A fallacy that I have on occasion encountered in fandom:

When a person or character doing something bad is used as an argument for them doing an unrelated bad thing.

At its extreme, the fallacy looks like this:

Person A: I think it's OOC for character X to get a speeding ticket.
Person B: I think it's in character. After all, X gets tickets for driving too slowly all the time.

Usually it's not quiiiite so extreme, but the two bad actions can certainly be contradictory.

The assumption seems to be the if someone does bad things, they are morally tarnished and are more likely to engage in other morally tarnishing actions, even if from the character's PoV they are completely unrelated. Engaging in bad actions makes a person bad, which means they engage in (all) bad actions. For this to make sense, the fan's PoV about which actions are wrong, and how wrong those actions are, must be universal: Not just objectively true, but also true from the character's point of view.

I need a name for this fallacy. I keep think "fallacy of equivalent badness" (since all bad actions are equivalent), but I'm not sure that's clear to anyone who isn't me.
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Jack is of course very obviously a stand-in for Sam, down to horrifying his loved ones with the blood on his face. Jack turns into something non-human, as we were told - but never shown - Sam would do.

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Thoughts on the SPN episode In the Beginning:

Young Mary Winchester )
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One of the reasons I don't like Bobby Singer is that he so often feels like a plot device. His down-to-earth take-no-shit personality is supposed to be cute, I guess, but it’s shallow and cutesy because his actions don't match it. He goes along with what Sam and Dean want. In Lazarus Rising, he objects to Dean’s plan to summon Castiel, and to not tell Sam. But while he complains, he goes along with it. Dean felt the need to keep Sam out of the plan, but not Bobby. I’m also think of WtLB (where, again, Bobby objects to Dean’s plan but goes along with it). He also, in early S6, bizarrely supports soulless’ decision to not let Dean know he’s alive. I’m thinking, too, of Mystery Spot - here, Bobby does nothing but nag Sam. When he finally seems to actually do something, it’s the Trickster, instead. Bobby is ineffective when dealing with Sam and Dean. He acts as a sounding board, but rarely seems to have any influence over them.

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It the last thing we see Amy Pond say to Sam is this: “You could still walk away from this. We both can. Sam... After what I did for you.”

It's the same card Dean pays in the Pilot, in the church in Sacrifice. The same care Ruby plays in IKWYDLS. Look what I did for you.
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I have thoughts - and feelings, on Spike and Dean Winchester, on the roles they play. I am not the first person to note that there are similarities between Spike's devotion to Buffy (and previously Dru) and Dean's to Sam.

On love )
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What are the limits of crossroads demons in SPN?

Prior to AHBL2, I do not think we saw any demon bring back the dead. Dean was dying. Julie (Evan's wife) in Crossroad Blues was dying.

But Sam was dead.

Yet there must be limits on demon deals. No one’s sold their soul for world peace, have they? I feel like once we were told that sometimes demons can only do certain things if someone makes a deal. Like Anya? Like vengeance demons? I’m not sure.

In The Wish, we see Anya completely alter reality, but I don't think we ever see anything like that from a vengeance demon again. The implication are never address. Can crossroads demons alter realty?
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I was thinking about Sam's emotional intimacy issues in light of a some of his interactions with demons.

As usual, bear in mind that I haven't seen past S10.

Do you remember the time Sam totally confided in Meg? He doesn’t want to confide, and then she pushes, and she reminds him that she knows his “sad, little thoughts and feelings.” He tells her that’s creepy, but then he starts opening up to her. She pushes, and he ends up telling her all about Amelia. She’s been inside his head. She literally knows everything about him. She was the first, but not the last.

If I was going to name one person besides Dean who Sam confided in the most within the context of an actual relationship, it would be Ruby.

And he never loved her.

I just can’t believe he would have had absolutely no concern and reaction about her death if he had in any way loved her.

She’s like Dean and not like Dean. He sees Dean as speaking through her, and she calls him “my boy”. She plays Dean’s trump card, the reminder of what she has done for him (“I'm a fugitive... For you, Sam. I took all of this risk to get back to you, so, yeah, I deserve a damn ‘thank you.’”) but it doesn’t work as well for her. Sam wonders who asked her to save him (who asked Dean?). She doesn’t express affection for him, and he doesn’t feel affection for her. They’re using each other, that much is upfront.

She expresses empathy about Dean’s death, but not untill after they’ve been working together for a while. Then she convinced him to sleep with h er. The emotional intimacy is there and gone. She puts it out there, but instead of letting him pull away and shut her out, she pushes him into another kind of intimacy, one that is considerably less intimate. A distraction from the emotional intimacy he would have withdrawn from (He fled Bobby, didn’t he? And if Mystery Spot is anything to judge by, he would have fled Bobby no matter how hard Bobby pushed for connection.). In sleeping with her he is accepting his monstrous nature. In sleeping with her he is rejecting and accepting his brother. In sleeping with her, he is giving her attempt to reach out to him an affirmation that he would never have given her under any other circumstances.
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One of my thoughts about Sam Winchester is that he has issue with emotional intimacy.

It's a big step )
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I've often thought that what Dean says in Metamorphosis, "If I didn't know you I would want to hunt you", is the worst line that either Sam or Dean have said to each other while not under supernatural influence.

Dean does apologize for it. But look at how, exactly, he apologizes: “Sam, I wanna tell you I'm sorry. I've been kind of hard on you lately.[...]It's just that your, uh, your psychic thing, it scares the crap out of me.”

I think his acknowledgement that he is afraid is true. I think Dean's actions in Metamorphosis are based very much on fear.

But let's look at the rest of the apology. Dean apologizes for having been “hard” on Sam. What are the implications of that?

“Hard” implies overcritical, expecting too much, being too harsh.

I should have softened things for you because I love you.

“Hard” does not imply inaccurate, untrue, or wrong.

“Hard” kind of implies “righteous”, in a way. But going too far.

I was righteous but I should not have treated you that way because I love you. If I didn’t love you, I would want to hunt you.

Dean is not, actually, contradicting his statement that if he didn't know Sam, he would want to hunt him.

In Citizen Fang, when Sam said, “You’re too close to this”, he was not articulating a deeply hidden fear. He was articulating a desperate desire.
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This was a question I started asking myself as soon as I saw Jessica Jones, and here is the answer I have formed:

Sisters? )
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*Warning for discussion of sexual assault*

I'm pretty sure Dean's issues with Sam's sexuality started with Ruby. He doesn’t seem to be concerned that Sam would sleep with Ruby in S3. He had other Ruby issues, but not that. I don’t recall him having issues with Sam sleeping with Madison. In S1 Dean was the one pushing for Sam to get involved with women.

It would be in the dark )

Stop Me

Jan. 15th, 2017 09:31 am
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An exchange from Buffy vs. Dracula:

Buffy: Stay away from me.
Dracula: Are you afraid I will bite you? Slayer, that's why you came.
Buffy: No. Last night ... it's not gonna happen again.
Dracula: Stop me. Stake me.
Buffy: I...Any minute now.

“Stop me.” Shades of Buffy/Spike?

A Buffy/Spike shipper who had more sympathy for Spike in S6 once suggested, discussing Wrecked, that maybe people thought Spike had power by his sexiness, and mocked the idea. But as I have discussed before, it's not sexiness. It's shame.

Something interesting that I've never seen anyone comment on: In Beneath You, when Spike starts taunting Buffy, goes into vamp face, claims he hasn’t changed, he references the balcony. Seeing Red isn’t as awful as Dead Things, for me, because while Spike tries to overpower Buffy physically in SR, he is not playing on her shame. He’s not using her self-loathing.
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Here’s a little interesting moment in the SPN pilot. Do you remember what finally convinces Sam to agree to go with Dean? When Dean says this: “You know, in almost two years I've never bothered you, never asked you for a thing.”

This is particularly interesting because earlier this same scene, Sam told Dean that the reason he has been “stay[ing] gone” is because John kicked him out. But Dean still characterizes Sam as not wanting to be “bothered” by Dean.

Of course, it's interesting that it's only as soon as John is out of the picture that Dean starts pretty forcefully (to the point of breaking and entry) trying to convince Sam to come with him. Not because he needs Sam, but because he wants Sam. Nothing has changed, except that John is not there. Dean doesn't have to choose between Sam and John, because Sam isn't present.

It bothers me, a bit, that Dean's argument is essentially to guilt-trip Sam about a choice that Dean made that I doubt Sam wanted Dean to make.
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The scene from the Something Wicked flashback where Dean gives Sam the Lucky Charms is usually interpreted as an example of Dean being an indulgent big brother who gives little brother whatever he wants. But I've got a possible alternative interpretation.

No more lucky charms )
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One argument that irritates me from many fans who believe SPN's Amy Pond should have been killed is how much importance they place on the fact that she killed recently. Specifically, Amy kill recently, Benny killed a long time ago, therefore Benny should be allowed to live with no punishment or restrictions, and Amy should be killed. I have no problem with the recent-ness of a monster's killed being a factor in how they were killed, but the entire judgment? That makes no sense. In the real world, there is no statue of limitations on murder, and there's a reason for that.

Statue of Limitations )
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The disadvantage of making posts from old ramblings is that sometimes, the post you are responding to is not findable. Fortunately, for this edited rambling, all you have to do is watch a certain scene in Sex and Violence. I was inspired by seeing a gif set on tumblr that consisted of two panels of siren-influenced Sam in Sex and Violence making fun of Dean for “whining” about having tortured souls in Hell. “Boo hoo.”

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Feel free to take, just comment and credit.

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