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I get irritated by Buffy in Sanctuary as much as the next Faith fan, but I've always been bothered the level of flack she receives from fandom for saying Angel, "I'm sorry. I can't be in your club. I never murdered anybody."

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I stumbled on a link through the [ profile] su_herald that contained a gif set of Angel's morning after with Buffy in Innocence, comparing it to his rejection Darla's offer of sex and potential soullessness in Dear Boy. Gif set is here.

There's lots of interesting discussion beneath the gifs, but the thing that stands out to me the most is the virgin/whore dichotomy. I don't have much to say here that hasn't already been said by others, but I wanted to hash it out for my own thoughts.

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On a somewhat unrelated note, I've seen at least one person recently dismiss Buffy as being attracted to Riley because he "safe", implying that her heart of hearts lies with Angel and/or Spike and if she were true to herself she would take the risk of being with one of them.

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Sorted using the links here.

Warning: It takes awhile to sort all your favorite episodes and characters.

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One argument that irritates me from many fans who believe SPN's Amy Pond should have been killed is how much importance they place on the fact that she killed recently. Specifically, Amy kill recently, Benny killed a long time ago, therefore Benny should be allowed to live with no punishment or restrictions, and Amy should be killed. I have no problem with the recent-ness of a monster's killed being a factor in how they were killed, but the entire judgment? That makes no sense. In the real world, there is no statue of limitations on murder, and there's a reason for that.

Statue of Limitations )
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So, it's Supernatural season seven. I think I would position this fic somewhere between Season 7, Time for a Wedding and How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters. As you may recall, Sam Winchester is helping his brother Dean and friend Bobby in their quest to defeat the Leviathans. Also, he’s hallucinating the Devil. As one does.

Something happens, and Sam is teleported through time and space and universe. London, during the 1860s. There, he encounters a young woman we'll call Anne. I like that fanon.

Anne is convinced she's being stalked by demons. No one believes her, but Anne is sure of it. She says that the demons are targeting her because of her psychic powers.

Anne is a religious woman. She has been told that her psychic powers - her prophetic visions - make her a Devil child. She has even been told, by one of the "demons" hunting her, that she should simply give into her fate, and be evil. But she wants to be good. She wants to be pure.

Sam, of course, completely believes her about the demons. The two of them team up to protect her family. Ultimately, they fail. Anne's family is killed. Sam has his throat torn out by Angel (I don't accept the Angelus retcon). And Anne doesn't go by Anne anymore.

I did not realize until dreaming this bunny all the parallels between Sam and Drusilla. Very different endings, though.

I also considered having Sam and Drusilla encounter each other in the present day, with Drusilla as a vampire. I wanted them to have sex, since that’s what characters do in fanfiction, but Sam said no. So I asked soulless Sam. He sleeps with everything that moves, right? He said “Yeah…no.” I guess not so much with the sleeping with everything that moves. It's weird because I could see soulless sleeping with Faith, even during her evil days, but not Dru. Perhaps because with Faith, Sam would know where he stood: sex with no strings. Just the kind of thing soulless likes. But Drusilla's goals and motives are often incomprehensible to outsides.
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In my internet wanderings, I stumbled upon this article: ). I disagree with the the basic premises of that article: that the humanizing of vampires in modern fiction was primarily that result of BtVS and AtS, and that this humanization, whatever its cause, is bad (though, okay, sparkling vamps were a bit too far).

But my biggest issue with the article is neither of the main arguments. It is, rather, that the title is misleading. This article is not about vampires becoming "weak" - it's about male vampires becoming "weak". It makes sense to focus such an article on Spike and Angel - they are, after all, the two most significant vampires in the 'verse. But they are not the only significant vampires in the verse.

Drusilla, for example, who never gets redemption, who never stops being scary, is mentioned only in the context of discussion of Spike. The article says of this romance: “So Spike always had his pouty, tragic side, and the Spike/Drusilla romance culminates in an episode where Spike tells Buffy and Angel that he's love's bitch, but he at least he's man enough to admit it. And that's great stuff. Yay.” Yes, you heard that right. The Spike/Drusilla romance culminates in an episode where Drusilla does not appear.

Drusilla is at least mentioned in the article. Another character, far more relevant to the topic at hand, doesn't even seem to exist where the article is concerned.

The article says: “Angel is an engaging enough character that it hardly matters that his romantic chemistry with Buffy was always negligible. When he got his own show, he managed to go five seasons without having a really compelling love story — first he moped over Buffy some more, then he had a fairly low-key flirtation with Cordelia, which got nipped in the bud when she was whisked off to Heaven. And finally, he had a sweet, fairly easy-going romance with Nina the werewolf, which was nice precisely because it wasn't made into a huge saga. Angel is good at being a tormented hero, but as soon as you cast him as the lover, he starts to seem just petulant and all wet.”

Five seasons without a really compelling love story.

I mean, I agree about the lack of chemistry with Buffy, but...

Who was the first vampire we meet on the show, a terrifying monster who makes the first kill of seven and five seasons of vampires? Who was the first vampire to use the word "love" to describe their feelings for another being, a season before Spike set foot in Sunnydale?

For that matter, who was the first soulless vampire to express any kind of love or sympathetic emotions?

Here are some of the words the article uses to describe humanized vamps: “Weak”. “Wimpy”. “Kittenish”. “Sympathetic”. “Heart throb”. “Emo”. “Moping”. “Tormented”. Most of them come down to: not sufficiently masculine.

So Darla, who starts unambiguously evil, reveals the she feels affection for another being and then is killed by him, who unexpectedly comes back in human form, acting first as her old, evil self, and then succumbing to her soul. Darla, who is turned back into a remorseless vampire just as she decided she didn't want it. Darla, who ultimately sacrifices herself to save her son, who she declares the only thing she and Angel did right together (what was that about no compelling love story?). How does she fit in here?

How can you have a conversation about the weakening of vampires in the Buffyvese without acknowledging Darla?
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I have heard some complaints, over my years of exploring Buffy fandom, of the retcon that Drusilla was Spike's sire. That it contradicts previous canon.

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23 AtS icons beneath the cut, mostly from season 5.

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Day 30 - whatever tickles your fancy
How about favorite fatal mystical pregnancy, or favorite mystical pregnancy of Cordy's? My favorite mystical pregnancy of Cordy's is her last one, because it brought us the Jasmine arc. My favorite fatal mystical pregnancy is Darla's, because I thought her sacrifice was moving, and because it brought us Connor.

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Day 29 - ickiest scene.

There were a lot of icky scenes. I was particularly grossed out by the scene where Cordelia is given a third eye. There's nothing inherently gross about a third eye, but something about the way they did it really squicked me.

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Day 28 - sexiest scene.

I can't think of anything that jumped out at me as particularly sexy. Maybe the Angel/Darla sex in Reprise.

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Day 27 - something that you wish had happened.

Drusilla showing up in S5 would have been nice. Dru having contact with post-soul Spike would have been very interesting, and it would have been nice to see her in general.

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Day 26 - something that you wish had never happened.

Cordy's mystical pregnancies. Cordy's later seasons arc in general.

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Day 25 - rec a fanfic or fanvid (or both).

Sockkpuppett's vid Evil Angel, which tells Darla and Angel's story with great atmosphere.

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Day 24 - a character who didn’t get enough screentime.

It would have been nice to see more of Justine in season four. More Gwen would have been interesting, too.

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Day 23 - wackiest-looking demon.

I clearly wasn't paying as much attention to the physical appearance of the demons as I should have been, but I thought Doyle's spikes were pretty wacky.

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Day 22 - favourite Fred moment.

This is a hard one, since Fred is not my most favorite of characters, but possibly shooting Angel so he'll see Jasmine's true face.

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Day 21 - favourite Gunn moment.

Choosing to switch places with Lindsey and have his heart cut out repeatedly.

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Day 20 - favourite Wesley moment.

Taking Connor. Taking Connor, and trying to help Justine, and getting betrayed.

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