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Title: Such an Idiot

Fandom: Beatles RPF

Warnings: Swearing, if that bothers you

Summary: George's reaction to Paul's Beatles' breakup announcement - and John's

Disclaimer: I have never met any of these people in my life

Such an Idiot )
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My favorite Beatles lyric is from Girl. Well, for pure emotion, I go with "You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead" from Two of Us. But for a lyric as a lyric, it's Girl.

"When I think of all the times I tried so hard to leave her / she will turn to me and start to cry / and she promises the earth to me and I believe her / after all this time I don't know why"

I don't know why )
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Possible interpretation of Paul's thought process behind trying to get the other Beatles to accept the Eastmans as their manager:

I wonder if Paul was trying to determine if John was singing about him in Dig a Pong. "All I want is you / Everything has got to be just like you want to do". Bringing in his in-laws as potential managers could lead to one of two options in John's response

Option one: Dig a Pony is not about Paul. John refuses to sign with the Eastmans. Paul backs down, and they continue working together to find suitable management, as they have been.

Option two: Dig a Pony is about Paul. Even better. John signs with the Eastmans. The Beatles have experienced management whom Paul trusts. If this gives Paul more power within the group, that's just all the better. Paul hasn't been thrilled with many of John's choices as of late, so this could be a very good thing.

There's also option three (AKA what actually happened): Dig a Pony is not about Paul, but accepting the Eastmans is too much for John to handle. John is angrier at himself for failing Paul, and proceeds to flip the fuck out: signing with a manager he knows Paul will hate and screaming abuse at the Eastmans. Paul responds to this abuse by digging his heels in and insisting on the Eastmans (John in Lennon Remembers says of Paul's attitude towards the Eastmans, The more we said “no,” the more he said “yes.”. The account John gives of their business struggles in Lennon Remembers is highly dishonest and one sided, but this statement does fit with what I know about how the Beatles break-up era business drama.).

I find it interesting that in his retelling of the business drama in Lennon Remembers, John doesn't mention the most significant reason for rejecting the Eastmans: He doesn't even mention that they were Linda's family. I'm not even sure he mentions Linda, actually. John said, John Eastman had already been in, in fact, we almost signed ourselves over to the Eastmans at one time, because when Paul presented me with John Eastman, I thought well... when you’re not presented with a real alternative, you take whatever is going. I would say “yes”, like I said “Yes, let’s do “Let It Be.” I have nothing to produce so I will go along”, and we almost went away with Eastman. But then Eastman made the mistake of sending his son over and not coming over himself, to look after the Beatles, playing it a bit cool. But I, for one, have a hard time believing that John rejected the Eastmans on the groups that Lee Eastman sent John over instead of coming himself. Explaining that they were Paul's soon-to-be wife's family would only have made Lennon Remembers John look more righteous. So why leave the out? What people don't say is often as important as what they do.

I think John failed to mention the Eastman's connection to Linda not because it was irrelevant to him, but because it was the #1 reason. But I don't think it was a matter of concern that Paul would have too much power within the group. I think it was because they were Linda's family. Paul and Linda weren't even married yet, and Paul wanted to hand the group's financial future to her family. John had a hard time with families on his best days, and could probably not help but feel hurt that Paul put more trust in Linda's family than he had in John's new partner (Yoko). I think John wanted to be able to trust Paul on this - according to John, they did almost sign with the Eastmans at one point (note that John compares his through process for almost signing with the Eastmans on his thought process in participating in Let It Be, the sessions from whence Dig a Pony originates). But it was too much to ask. And John being John, when he couldn't be the person he wanted to be for Paul he instead chose to become the person that Paul wanted least.
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Title: Broken Glass
Fandom: Beatles RPF
Warnings: None
Summary: In a hotel room in America in 1964, Paul McCartney has a dream.
Disclaimer: I know nothing about Paul’s dreams (except that one of them gave him Yesterday – but that wasn’t this one)

Fic: Broken Glass )
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When Paul McCartney decided to include secret messages to John Lennon on Ram ("you took your lucky break and broke it in two" being the type of message he admits to, "I find my love awake and waiting to be / what can be done for you, she's waiting for me" the type he doesn't), he must have known how John would react. This was after Lennon Remembers, after all, and Paul was well aware that John would respond to goading viciously - and publicly.
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ETA: One more thing. John Lennon once said of the song Let It Be: Nothing to do with The Beatles. It could've been Wings. I don't know what he's thinking when he writes Let It Be. I think it was inspired by Bridge Over Troubled Waters. That's my feeling, although I have nothing to go on. I know he wanted to write a Bridge Over Troubled Waters.. In fact, Let It Be was released before Bridge Over Troubled Waters. John was mistaken.

[ profile] selenak suggested to me that maybe it was John who always wanted to write a Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and he was projecting. Bridge Over Troubled Waters was released in January of 1970, when Paul had retreated to depression in Scotland. The song offers love and support to someone who is going through a hard time. "I'm on your side", the song says. "I'll take your part".

But at the end of the day, John could not do that for Paul. And I think How Do You Sleep? is the song that he wrote because he could not figure out how to write Bridge Over Troubled Water.
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John Lennon blamed Paul McCartney for the fact that the Beatles never made the recording he wanted of Across the Universe.

Everything has got to be just like you want to do )

([ profile] selenak, I'm particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on this, since you are the main person I talk to about Beatles these days. Pretty please?)
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Paul McCartney, in a moment of anger and grief that undoubtedly should have been kept private, once described John Lennon as a “maneuvering swine”.

Instinct and honesty )
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Sometimes when I listen to "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill", I wonder if John Lennon stopped writing third person songs because he found them too revealing.
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[ profile] local_max asked me for Help, either the album, the movie, or the song. I've decided to write about the album.

Help! )
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When I was lurking in comic book fandom—this was several years ago now—the most bashed character was not female, as often seems to be the case in the fandoms I've been involved with, but was instead Iron Man (this was shortly before his first movie, when Iron Man was unpopular from his role in the Civil War storyline, where he supported the registration of superheroes and had a secret prison in the Negative Zone that was a blatant Guantanamo Bay analogue). But here’s the weird thing, even though Iron Man was one of my favorites, bashing of him didn’t bother me much. Maybe because the worst was passed by the time I became a hard-core fan of the character? Maybe I was sympathetic towards people’s reasons for disliking the character. Maybe I’m sexist; maybe female character bashing bothers me more.

But, you see, Cable bashing bothered me a bit. Cable (son of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone, raised by Cyclops and Jean in the future) was another character I liked who wasn’t very popular. He was at that time in the book Cable & Deadpool, co-starring with the far more popular Deadpool (brain damaged mercenary who breaks fourth wall). People who said they only read Cable & Deadpool for Deadpool and wanted Cable gone. So maybe it’s not character bashing that bothers me. Maybe it’s *relationship* bashing. So what bothers me about Torchwood fandom is not that they bash Gwen, but that they bash her relationship with Jack. And Buffy fandom, when fans bashed Buffy *because* they like Spike, they are bashing Buffy and Spike’s relationship. The same with Yoko Ono among Beatles fans, since I am invested in both her relationship with John Lennon and her non-relationship with Paul McCartney. In complaining that Cable & Deadpool has too much Cable, they were bashing Cable and Deadpool’s relationship.
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A quote from May Pang's book Loving John, about why John was reluctant to sign the papers would dissolve the Beatles' partnership:

John seemed to be in a very strange state of mind about the dissolution. From the hints he had dropped since we had been together, I had learned that John's departure from the Beatles had essentially been Yoko's idea. Without Yoko to drive him forward, he felt strangely ambivalent about officially ending the Beatles at that moment. By nature, also, he felt inclined to take a position opposite from that of Paul McCartney. Paul desperately wanted that agreement signed. Whether or not it was the best thing for him to do, John, on principle, was inclined not to want to sign it.

I love how this passage starts off sounding like it's going to be all "Yoko broke up the Beatles, that evil bitch!" (especially since May Pang is quite anti-Yoko in general (not that I entirely blame her...) and ends up being all about John's compulsive need to be at odds with Paul. Which I'm sure had NOTHING to do with the Beatles' break-up. Nothing at all. Nope.

So what sort of hints had John been dropping the implied that leaving the Beatles was Yoko's idea? I wonder if John and Paul's compulsive opposition to each other had anything to do with Yoko's reasons for wanting John out of the group.

And, in order to test my Youtube embedding skills, here is an outtake of "Out the Blue", one of John's more underrated solo songs:

And blew away life's misery... )
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Some of my favorite Beatles and John Lennon-related links:

Two of Us: Inside the Lennon/McCartney Connection
Quite possibly the best analysis of the Lennon/McCartney partnership that I have ever read.

Phil Spector and Let It Be
My favorite Beatles biographer (his whole blog is worth reading) on why having Phil Spector produce Let It Be wasn't such a bad idea.

John Lennon and feminism, or: not a simple story
Why John Lennon's conversion to feminism is not entirely convincing. [ profile] selenak's other Beatles posts are worth reading, too.

It's Not Just About the Word
On a incident at SlutWalk last year involving a controversially-titled Lennon/Ono single, and whether people who aren't black should ever use certain words.

Some Beatles-related tumblrs that I enjoy that are still updated regularly:

Oh No They Didn't Beatles
Lots of fantastic pictures, short excerpts from books, and of course, music (such as this gorgeous cover of "Julia")

Pizza and Fairy Tales
One commenter referred to this as a "John and Paul research blog" :). There's stuff about George and Ringo, too. Lots of great quotes, pictures, audio, videos, and music. Also, great tags, things like: surreal it like dylan, projecting issues onto George, unfortunately for Paul, George can you know TALK, ringo sure loves octopuses, bizarre family dynamic, and my personal favorite, HOW IS THE REAL LIFE.

I'll Never Lose Affection
Good pictures, quotes, and videos. Like this lovely quote from Yoko Ono: "Once you know somebody, you can never unknow that person. And knowing is loving. So you can never get out of love. There might be misunderstandings and separating for other reasons, but love is always there. Staying together is just one form of love. Maybe that’s a strong love and expression of love. But love is a soul thing. It always stays there."

Fuck Yeah Yoko Ono
All things Yoko Ono. Pictures (both of her and of her artwork), quotes, music, videos. I never quite know what to make of Yoko's artwork, but I think her "Play It By Trust" chess set interests me the most. Cara, who runs this tumblr, also runs a John and Yoko tumblr that I enjoy.

Also, while it's obviously not a tumblr that is currently being updated, May Pang's memoir ,<i>Loving John</i>, about her experiences being in a relationship with John Lennon is available in its entirety to read on tumblr.


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