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I just finished re-watching Out of Gas, my favorite Firefly episode, for the first time in years. Some thoughts:

One thing I really appreciate about Firefly as a show is that it's about a bunch of nobodies. Most of my shows are about special people: the one girl in all the world, outside the government and beyond the police, the people who know the truth about the supernatural while most of the world is in the dark. But in the show, the crew of Serenity have no particular importance to the world. They're outsiders, perhaps, but at the end of the day, just regular folks

Kaylee's backstory in Out of Gas is, for me, one of the most feminist moments in a Whedon show. When I first saw the episode, I just assumed the the woman Bester was sleeping with was not important, and would likely be hustled off the scene to make room for the important drama between the men (I love you, SPN, but...Lazarus Rising & Clap Your Hands If You Believe, ugh). Instead she was...Kaylee! Bester's claim that engines make her hot suddenly seems less sleazy and more...Kaylee! It's a great moment of humanizing a woman who on another show would have been nothing more than a sex object. Kaylee, not Bester, is the important character whom we have already gotten to know.
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Remember that time Malcolm Reynolds told Simon Tam that if Mal ever killed him Simon would be awake, facing Mal, and armed?

And then the very next episode Mal kicked a bound and unarmed man into the engine intakes and killed him?

Good times.


Jul. 2nd, 2013 06:04 pm
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I liked Fragments a lot more the first time I saw it than I did later. This was because I had only seen about four earlier Torchwood episodes at the time, and was not as familiar with the characters. The difference between Fragments and its Firefly counterpart, Out of Gas, is that Out of Gas has a plot. The flashbacks in Out of Gas do not have to be stories in and of themselves, so characterization comes first. Unfortunately, in Fragments, because the episode itself has only a bare bones plot, the backstories all have to be complete stories in and of themselves, and if this means that characterization goes by the wayside, then so be it.

But the first time I saw Fragments, I really liked it. I really liked Owen’s backstory, which I later came to feel did not fit his characterization. I really liked Tosh’s backstory, which I later felt was following a pattern of having bad things happen to Tosh to an extent which was overkill. Ianto’s backstory was a little confusing without knowing the backstory from earlier Torchwood episodes and Doctor Who, but I enjoyed it. And if anything, I appreciated it more once becoming familiar with the backstory. I also quite liked Jack’s backstory. That is the one that I changed my mind the least about after becoming familiar with the characters. I still thought it was good.


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