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I spent this morning thinking about hurtful lines from my favorites TV shows. Things that characters say to the people they love that are devastating. I picked out my current favorites from each of my favorite TV shows (Torchwood, Buffy, Supernatural, Jessica Jones). I'm sure there's particularly devastating lines that I've forgotten, but here's what I have now:
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This was a question I started asking myself as soon as I saw Jessica Jones, and here is the answer I have formed:

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I've been re-reading some old entries, and comments I made. It's interesting to try to see myself from the outside. I think we all have to have something of a pose when we post publicly online, but I worked so hard on maintaining mine that I never thought about what it looked like from the outside. I think you could tell I was angry. I think it's sort of like I had a double pose - one pose to protect myself, and another pose to hide how angry I was about having to maintain the first pose. I'm not so angry these days, at least.

I do come on too strong, sometimes. I'm aware of that in myself. I think that comes from fear, and trying too hard to cover it up.


In other news, I wanted talk about why I like Pam from Jessica Jones

What I like about Pam is that she's the naïve secretary and she knows it - but she thinks that knowing she's naïve means she isn't. She thinks she knows that Jeri’s a real shark. That’s why she fell for Jeri, after all. She appears to maintain control in the relationship: . When she finds out that the restaurant Jeri is taking her to was the restaurant where Jeri proposed to Wendy, she makes it clear she wants to go elsewhere. She’s the one pushing Jeri to be more badass in dealing with Wendy. . She refuses Jeri’s marriage proposal, saying she doesn’t want to get engaged until after the divorce (“I’m Catholic”). When Wendy reveals to Pam in front of Jeri some unscrupulous behavior Jeri had engaged in, Pam pretended that she had known all along, and expressed frustration at Jeri for not telling her only after Wendy has left.

Pam thinks she knows what to expect and what can can handle where Jeri is concerned. But she doesn’t. She is, in fact, the naïve secretary. She is too young. Eventually all these little things build up and there are bigger and bigger things and she has to face the truth: Jeri is not someone she can have a relationship with.
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Some thoughts on Bendis Daredevil:

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Someone online was talking about how their original reaction to Malcolm was upset that the JJ writers were going for that stereotype of a black man, the drug addicted criminal. And I get it, I think I do, anyway. Race is…stereotypes are…this crap is harmful, and even a well-done version of a stereotype…it’s complicated and difficult.

But I really loved Malcolm even before we found out what Kilgrave had done to him. He’s just…the best way I can put it is that he's a good guy. You can see it. I like the scene in the elevator when Jessica tells him she needs money, not expecting him to give it to her, of course, because he has none. And he offers his TV set. His stolen TV set. He has nothing to offer her. He has nothing. He’s a complete and total loser. But by offering his TV set, he is giving her something else. A sort of emotional support. It’s funny, in a way, almost a joke to cheer someone up. And while I don’t think he actually expects her to take him up on it, I think it is a genuine offer. He would give her what she needed, even if it took something away from him. He doesn’t know her that well. But they have a bond. And his compassion, the compassion that his drug addiction keeps him from being fully able to express, is a factor in that.

It’s not like Malcolm the social worker, Malcolm the guy who tries to help Kilgrave’s victims in any way he can, through non-violent means, Malcolm the guy who ends the season by answering Jessica’s phone and saying, “How can we help?”, it’s not like that guy came out of nowhere.
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TV shows the give me feelings of visceral horror:

Jessica Jones is really, really, the worst in terms of a single character. Torchwood Children of Earth is also very awful, but it’s the whole situation rather than what’s happening to one character that really gets to me. One of the most horrifying moments of Jessica Jones, to me, is when Kilgrave tells her he’ll leave Malcolm alone if she sends him pictures herself. Somehow the fact that he’s asking for selfies, not nudes, just makes it creepier. He has this much control over her, and she has no real choice but to go along with it. And if she doesn’t do it at the right time, he gives implied threats.

Two others that I find very horrifying are Sam Winchester (in Supernatural seasons 3, 4, parts of 5, and the first half of 7, specifically), and Drusilla from Buffy. Drusilla’s situation is more horrifying than Sam’s, but Sam’s is visceral for me as much if not more because he’s a protagonist and we get a stronger sense of his experiences, and also because I love him more.

There’s really no redeeming factor to Dru’s story. People have tried to find it. I've heard argued that the redeeming factor of Drusilla’s story is that she is happy, when Angel gave her eternal life in order to punish her forever. That may be true, but it seems very, very tiny considering that she has become the very “evil thing” that she was desperate to avoid. Another fan, after pointing out accurately that Dru can’t be a survivor because she’d dead, argued that Dru was…I don’t remember her exact wording, but because Dru just existed. Continued. She remains Drusilla.

Except she wasn’t always Drusilla. We don’t know her human name, but if it was Drusilla I’ll eat my hats. Whoever that girl was, perhaps she wasn’t completely and utterly destroyed, she does still exist as that monster, but she was transformed into the thing she least wanted to be. There is no redemption for her.

And that’s horrifying.

And yet...maybe those fans aren't so wrong. Drusilla is dead, to be sure - but also not. She still exists. She’s not miserable. Angel has turned her into what he wanted her to be. He made her, he designed her. She was, indeed, his art.
But she’s not…she’s not forced, not anymore. She makes her own decisions. “I could pick the wisest and bravest knight in all the land - and make him mine forever with a kiss.” And she does.

She’s insane. Angel and Darla made her insane. They took her sanity and they made her a monster - but they don’t control her. She’s not a prisoner. She’s a very different being now, she’s the “thing” she didn’t want to be. What happened to her was not her choice. As others have pointed out, Dru is the only one of the fanged four who does not get some form of redemption…because she does not need redemption. She’s a victim. An eternal victim.

Dru is a monster, but she is a monster who makes her own decisions about what to do. Angel and Darla can’t, for example, keep her from vamping Darla again. She’s the monster, now, and they are the victims. Dru is out of her mind, but her insanity is hers. She has visions and she says things that make no sense and Angel and Darla can never understand. She’s a Cassandra who has no desire to be understood. She loves. She loves “quite well. If not wisely.” She’s not the young woman who begged Angel to help her be good. And yet…"In the end, we all are who we are, no matter how much we may appear to have changed." Drusilla is her own being, her own independent agent.
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If I were to be asked about my favorite TV shows, I would number four - not as my favorites, but as the ones that meant the most to me at the time I first saw them. In the order that I fell in love with them these shows are: Torchwood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and Jessica Jones.

For each these shows, I naturally have favorite characters: Dr. Owen Harper, Buffy Anne Summers, Sam Winchester, and Jessica Jones herself (though Trish is a damn close second). Liking the type of shows that I like, all these characters have killed people (and/or people-like beings). Naturally, I feel the need to name my favorite kill for each character.

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You know what else is fun? Naming my favorite villain of each show! So:

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*Yes, I'm a Buffy/Spike shipper. What's your point?
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I rewatched Jessica Jones. Still awesome.

A few quick thoughts on Robyn and Ruben:
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