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During my first watch of Luke Cage, I noticed not long before he died that Cottonmouth had become a pretty pathetic villain, always on the run. I thought Mariah should replace him as the arch-villain. I felt vindicated when she killed him. In some ways it was a shame, since their relationship was just starting to get interesting to me, with the flashbacks to their upbringing.

But Mariah did not become the arch-villain. At least not this season.

It's a little over halfway through the season before we even meet Diamondback. Plenty of time to spend trying to suss out who, exactly, is supposed to be our biggest bad.

And the reveal of Willis Stryker was, I felt, ultimately disappointing.

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At the the time Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was first broadcast (? Is that the proper term for an internet series?) in 2008, it received a lot of criticism from fandom for sexism because how Penny was written--especially her death, a classic case of refrigeration (i.e., a female character killed to advance the storyline of a male character). But while the blatant refrigeration can't be denied, I think the story is portraying the way guys like Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer view women like Penny in a much more critical light that than its reputation (at least, its reputation as I am aware of it) would lead you to believe. I think there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on in that little story.

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