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19 icons from episode 3-4 of Buffy season six.

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Afterlife and Flood )
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Whenever a beloved ship has elements of creepiness, fans find justifications as to how the ship is really not creepy at all. I frequently wish fans would accept that certain ships are creepy, instead of trying to argue that they the shippers are totally 100% good people who would never ever ever be fannish about something squicky. Every human being has the capacity for evil. That itself is not something to be ashamed of.

One such beloved ship is Buffy/Angel. The creepy elements are obvious: Angel is a stalkerish mass murderer who is over 250 years old. Buffy is an underage high school girl. So here come fans with the justifications.

Statutory Rape )
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Title: Such an Idiot

Fandom: Beatles RPF

Warnings: Swearing, if that bothers you

Summary: George's reaction to Paul's Beatles' breakup announcement - and John's

Disclaimer: I have never met any of these people in my life

Such an Idiot )
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Many fans argue that we should take Willow at her word when she says she is a lesbian and not bisexual, and that it's wrong to go against her stated opinion. It's disrespectful.

But Willow's not a real person )
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If I didn't know better, I would be certain the Imagine Dragons song Monster was written for season four Sam Winchester. However, Wikipedia assures me that it was written for a video game.

I'm actually surprised by how little attention this song has gotten among SPN fans. I once saw a Sam-focused gif set on tumblr that used some lyrics from this song, but otherwise…not so much. Which is surprising because not only is the song absolutely perfect for Sam, but the band is wildly popular.

For those of you who are not familiar with the song, a Youtube link:

And it keeps getting stronger )
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I get irritated by Buffy in Sanctuary as much as the next Faith fan, but I've always been bothered the level of flack she receives from fandom for saying Angel, "I'm sorry. I can't be in your club. I never murdered anybody."

You can't possibly know what she's going through )
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I stumbled upon this tumblr post in which a Buffy/Angel shipper listed their top favorite scenes for the ship. So I started thinking, what are my favorite Buffy/Angel scenes?

Hint: 'Close your eyes' is not one of them )
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When Dean Winchester's blood type was revealed to be type O in Soul Survivor, eagle-eyed fans pointed out that John's dog tags, briefly displayed back in season two, revealed his blood type was AB. Fun facts you learn from fandom: Someone with type AB blood can't have a biological child with type O blood.

Biological Relations )
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...I saw this from two different people on my flist and had to comment.

The Doctor's a Girl! )
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Brian Jacques was the fantasy author who turned me on to fantasy novels. I was eight - I haven't read a book of his in years, but there was a time when I read his Redwall books repeatedly. Despite his intended audience of children, he was quite the character killer. No book finished without at least one major sympathetic character dead. I shed so many tears over his books. I learned, then, how good it feels to cry over a story.

Because you're breaking my heart )
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I stumbled on a link through the [ profile] su_herald that contained a gif set of Angel's morning after with Buffy in Innocence, comparing it to his rejection Darla's offer of sex and potential soullessness in Dear Boy. Gif set is here.

There's lots of interesting discussion beneath the gifs, but the thing that stands out to me the most is the virgin/whore dichotomy. I don't have much to say here that hasn't already been said by others, but I wanted to hash it out for my own thoughts.

It's not like I've never been there before )


On a somewhat unrelated note, I've seen at least one person recently dismiss Buffy as being attracted to Riley because he "safe", implying that her heart of hearts lies with Angel and/or Spike and if she were true to herself she would take the risk of being with one of them.

Riley the 'safe' choice? )
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I wandered through my "btvs" tag and confirmed what I thought: I haven't made a post addressing my opinion on that much debated topic among Buffy/Spike fans: Did Spike believe Buffy when she told him she loved him in Chosen?

I think the question itself contains a pretty big assumption: That the answer is a binary. Either he believed her immediately and never seriously wavered in that belief, or he just plain didn't believe her, and essentially held onto that lack of faith all the way to the end of AtS.

In my opinion, Spike's perception of Buffy's "I love you" was complicated, and evolved both in the moment and following his resurrection, as he got distance from the moment.

No, you don't )
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On an old post of [ profile] gabrielleabelle's, I read some comments where a couple of fans discussed about how they had trouble relating to Faith. The reason for this, they both decided, was because they came from middle-class backgrounds, and thus related more easily to Buffy. Faith's working -class roots were elusive to them.

This made me pause, because I come from an even more stable and middle-class background than Buffy. And yet, there's always something about Faith I've found very relatable. What is it?

The answer, I think, is mental illness.

Nothing makes sense! )
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Thoughts on Becoming, parts 1 and 2:

You're all you've got )
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I'm watching The Vampire Diaries.

I'm partway through the second season. I'm not watching it all at once. I watch an episode here, and an episode there, sparsed amongst my re-watching of other shows. I do the same with Black Mirror, never watching more than one episode in a row. With Black Mirror, it's because the stories upset me, and I've decided I can't take too much at one time. With The Vampire Diaries, it's because when I watch several episodes in a row I end up wanting to bang my head repeatedly against the wall in frustration.

I enjoy The Vampire Diaries. Clearly I do, or I wouldn't watch it. I find many of the characters likeable. I think the speed of the plots is part of what keeps the show from having real depth, but I also find it entertaining to watch. Never a dull a moment.

But the show has some serious, extremely frustrating writing flaws. And if I had to name one reason why I decided I can't watch more than an episode at a time and still enjoy the show, it would be Damon.

Protagonist privilege at its finest )
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Give me two characters

“vs.” for who I think would win a fight
“or” for who I like better
“+” for how I ship them (platonic, familial, romantic, not at all)

And I’ll give you my reasons for why!
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*Warning for discussion of sexual assault*

A couple years ago I made a tumblr post on the topic of comparing demonic/angelic possession to rape, a comparison that was made a lot in Supernatural's tumblr-based fandom at that time. I've since deleted my tumblr, but decided to re-create that post here since it was such a succinct summary of my views.

At the time, Sam's Gadreel possession was a very recent and controversial thing (I don't read SPN tumblr fandom now, but while I imagine it is still controversial it is not nearly as fresh). Comparisons between possession and sexual assault had existed in fandom prior to season 9, but after the Gadreel possession they skyrocketed. The comparison to rape was used to highlight the horror of Sam's experience, and sometime to vilify fans who downplayed the seriousness of the possession.

So here's my thoughts:

Don't trivialize what is real by claiming it is the same as something made up )
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So, I've been re-watching Buffy season 2 and have gotten past the Surprise/Innocence two-parter.

And I just have to say, wow, how manipulative were those claddagh rings?

A sign of devotion? )
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4 icons from the Marx Brothers movie Duck Soup.

Icon table generated with [ profile] sql_girl's icon table generator.

Please do take, just comment and credit.

Duck Soup )


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